When it comes to your unplanned pregnancy, you really have three options. Abortion is one of them. To make a truly informed decision, you should learn about all your options so you can feel confident and empowered in the choice you make.

Abortion is a serious medical procedure that’s available as a pill (early pregnancies) or surgery (at or after 10 weeks). How far along you are determines which option is available to you.

The Abortion Pill

The abortion pill goes by many names. RU-486, medication abortion, medical abortion, and the abortion pill are all used to describe this prescription. If you choose “the abortion pill,” you’ll actually take the regimen of two pills to complete the abortion.

The first pill, mifepristone, is prescribed and taken at the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital where you’re initiating the abortion. This pill blocks your body’s production of progesterone, causing the lining of your uterus to thin and making it impossible for the embryo to remain implanted.

The second pill, misoprostol, is taken at home at least 24 hours later. It causes bleeding and cramping so your body can expel the pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion

If you are 10 or more weeks into your pregnancy, you will be ineligible for the abortion pill and need to have surgery. There are a few different kinds based on how far along you are, but they all follow the same basic procedure.

You’ll receive an injection into your uterus to cause fetal demise. Then, rods will be inserted into your cervix to cause dilation. From there, a tube with a suction device attached will be inserted into your uterus. The pregnancy will be suctioned out and the abortion will be complete.

Considering Abortion?

If you’re considering abortion for your unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to have all the facts. That includes receiving an ultrasound scan so you can know how far along you are, where the pregnancy is located, and if the pregnancy is viable. Each of these factors determines whether or not you’re eligible for an abortion.

We offer ultrasounds for free at Life Choices, so schedule an appointment today to get the answers you need before making your decision!

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