If you missed your period or are experiencing other common pregnancy symptoms, don’t panic! The first thing you should do is take a pregnancy test. We offer free pregnancy testing services so you can get the answers you need before making any other decisions.

Free Pregnancy Testing

We understand how unsettling it feels to potentially face an unplanned pregnancy. That’s why our pregnancy testing services are completely free and always confidential. We’ll never share your information unless explicitly requested by you, and our services are free because we understand a pregnancy is an expense you likely weren’t prepared for.

Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing

Our lab-quality pregnancy tests have a 99% accuracy rate so you can feel confident in the results. The tests measure the levels of hCG in your body. hCG, commonly referred to as “the pregnancy hormone,” is only present during pregnancy. Your levels double every 72 hours, so for best results you should wait at least one week after your missed period. Otherwise you may get a false negative because your levels of hCG were not high enough to read yet.

What To Do If You’re Pregnant

If your test comes back positive, our staff can answer any questions you have and offer additional services. We understand you may feel a variety of emotions – disbelief, shock, confusion, anxiety, excitement – and in general feel very overwhelmed. We’re here to help! We can provide information on all your options and also allow you to process your feelings in a safe space.

Other Free Pregnancy Services

After a positive pregnancy test, it’s important to receive an ultrasound scan. This will reveal important information about the pregnancy that will determine what next steps you can take. We also provide information on STDs, because these can have a major impact on your sexual health both now and in the future.

Schedule An Appointment

Reach out to us today to schedule your free pregnancy testing appointment. We’re here for you!