An unplanned pregnancy forces you to think about things you may have never considered. Questions about abortion, adoption plans, and if you’re ready to parent all rise to the surface and there are serious, life-altering implications with each option.

Adoption is a choice many women make who don’t feel ready to parent and who are uncomfortable with abortion. Whatever your reasons for considering this option, we can help answer your questions and provide more information as you process your decision.

There are three types of adoption you can choose from. None is better or worse than the other; the pros and cons of each is unique for each person.

Open Adoption

An open adoption is the most adaptable and provides the most options. In an open adoption, the birth mother can have an ongoing relationship with the child and adoptive family, playing a part in the child’s life.

Many women choose this option because they aren’t ready to parent but want to be involved in their child’s life. Mothers, adoptive couples, and children all report positive outcomes from open adoptions.

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption is exactly how it sounds — there’s no ongoing relationship, communication, or identifying information shared between birth mother, adoptive family, and child. Birth records remain closed and the child will not know who the mother is.

Women who choose this form of adoption often do so for a variety of factors including wanting to move on, have a fresh start, and feel any kind of relationship would be painful.

Semi-Closed Adoption

A semi-closed (or semi-open) adoption is somewhere in between the other two types of adoption. It’s the least defined option because it really depends on what the birth mother and adoptive family want. These details are determined with an adoption agency.

Considering Adoption?

If you’re considering adoption, we can help. We provide more information on all these options and can make referrals to adoption agencies in the community. Schedule a free appointment to learn more today!